FINALLY!! The journal pages are here!!

Hey friends!

Thanks so much for visiting my page! I have finally got the journal pages available for you for FREE! (Who does not likeĀ free?) Use these journal pages in conjunction with the podcasts I have put out. In my new podcast, Makes Thoughts Your Reality”, we discuss the importance of how your perception of thoughts can shift your attitude and focus. Using these free journal pages will help you! Let me know if there is more content like this. I thought of making affirmations for you to help with getting through


Free Journal Pages


Hello! My name is Melody Johnson and I inspire and encourage others to reach their goals with a positive mindset! As a former NYC native, this city girl decided it was time to leave the city life and adapt to the southern charm lifestyle!. I am married to an amazing man ( I am very lucky) and I have three great kids that try their best at everything. If I am not hanging out with the family, I am usually digging around in my yard fussing at the blueberry bushes, gardening, reading a book or writing wonderful content for you my friends!

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