About Me

This journey of life has been incredible. There is one thing that I do want to share, and that is I was NOT on the path I wanted until later in life.

Married and a mom of three, I have accomplished primary goals in my life, despite odds that were against me. I did not realize the potential I had until I began educating myself on the importance of positive thinking. Being a high school dropout all the way to gaining my Master’s degree in Elementary Literacy, then obtaining my dream job all made me realize my potential. The potential that I can accomplish any goal that I choose. What made the journey bumpy was having no mentor that could guide me through the process. So, I got my hands on any reading materials I could find on self-improvement. My success was crucial in meeting my goals.

It was then that I recognized my untapped potential and the growth that I needed to push this information that I learned. First came the questions: How is it that many people are not aware of this information??

Then came the hunger. The hunger of wanting to learn more.  The hunger of exposing this same information to others to improve their own life through more than just positive affirmations (although affirmations are awesome) but to give a more in-depth perspective that could improve the quality of others’ lives. I then realized that I had to “sift” through the friends I thought I had because their mindset was different than mines.

It was then that I decided to pursue this life of helping others by encouraging, inspiring and helping others to accomplish the dreams they have wanted.

This is how Positive Masterminds was born.

All created from ONE thought that led to a series, then a flood of ideas that has turned into a reality.